Southern Foods


About Us

Southern Foods is the authority on proteins and innovative specialty foods. We offer the highest quality meat, seafood, and cheese all for which we have the capability to cut to your exact specifications.  Our product specialists and resident chefs continuously explore local and foreign markets to bring you the largest selection of cutting-edge and authentic products.

Operating primarily out of a facility in Greensboro, North Carolina, Southern Foods boasts world-class meat, seafood, and cheese cutting operations.  In addition, a multi-temperature warehouse adjacent to the production area houses a comprehensive inventory of local, domestic, and international specialty goods.  Our fleet of temperature controlled trucks ensures that products are delivered to you at the height of freshness and quality.  Our service area encompasses North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Virginia and Atlanta.

Southern Foods is one of three distinct foodservice brands owned by Pate Dawson-Southern Foods. Together these brands make up a family of foodservice solution providers.  Owner and CEO of Pate Dawson-Southern Foods, Mac Sullivan, is committed to continuing the rich tradition of quality and service that has always been associated with the Southern Foods brand: “For over 130 years our company has been helping customers become more successful by listening to our customers and providing them with meaningful solutions to their needs.  We will continue to fuel the creativity and passion of our culinary customers by offering the most inspiring products.”