Southern Foods


Mission and Values
Our Roadmap...

To us, these are more than just words on a page - they are the answers to the fundamental questions "Why does our company exist" and "How do we behave."  They are the foundation for everything we do and every interaction we have.

Mission Statement

We Impact People’s Lives for Good

  • TruthDoing what is right before God and others with transparency, discernment, and compassion. 
  • EntrepreneurshipEncouraging innovation and embracing change with energy.
  • StewardshipTaking initiative and holding ourselves accountable for profitability.
  • Communication. Two way, adult-to-adult and department team interaction based on positive assumptions. 
  • Process-ThinkingOur approach to repeat excellent performance, reduce firefighting, and create a threat free environment.
  • Servant LeadershipLeading by serving others first.  

To become the #1 family-owned food service distributor in the Southeast