Southern Foods



Southern Foods is one of the three distinct brands under the Pate Dawson-Southern Foods umbrella.  The other two are Pate Dawson Full-Service Distribution and PDC Chain.  

Together they make up a family of foodservice solution providers that can assist customers with any foodservice need they may have. Learn more below.

Pate Dawson in the 1940s

 We are a NC family owned and operated company.  Southern Foods and parent company Pate Dawson together provide more than 180 years of experience in the food service distribution business - anchored by Pate Dawson’s 128 years of operations and its ownership by the fourth generation of the company’s founding family, headquartered in Goldsboro. Southern Foods was founded in Greensboro in 1954.


Promoting Success for Foodservice Operators 

Put simply, we are making the term “Business Solutions” relevant again. Being an independent, family-owned business for over 125 years, we identify with the unique opportunities and challenges that our fellow foodservice entrepreneurs face. Beyond providing national-brand food products at competitive prices, we can help you succeed in an ever-changing business world with profit-driving solutions for your every need. These include:

  • Food Cost Analysis
  • Menu Management
  • Marketing and Design Services
  • Operation and Loss Prevention Reviews


PDC Chain

Custom Solutions for Multi-Unit Operators

We consider ourselves an integral member of each of our customer's purchasing and operations teams. These customers depend on us to provide the best accuracy, service level, and flexibility to support their business. No matter what your expansion strategy or delivery schedule may dictate, we will adapt to sustain your continued growth. Count on us to provide:

  • “5 Star Service”
  • Customized Delivery Schedule
  • Complete Product Traceability
  • Customer Responsive Team