Southern Foods



With a comprehensive catalogue of 350 individually selected local, domestic, and international cheeses, Southern Foods is the definitive cheese resource in the Southeast.  We carry a full compliment of cheeses, from delicate soft cheeses to hard granas and everything in between. All of our cheeses have been handpicked by our resident Cheesemonger to ensure that you receive the best quality and most authentic cheeses for any culinary application.  Whether you are looking for ingredient cheeses or distinct varieties to incorporate into a cheese service, we are sure to have what you need in stock.

Local & Artisanal

Southern Foods stocks an incredible array of local and domestic artisanal cheeses.  These farmstead cheeses offer a level of flavor complexity not found in mass produced varieties.  From the diet of the dairy stock producing the milk to the application of unique washes and rubs, smaller cheese producers offer amazing and unique flavor profiles that chefs can use to add dimension to their dishes.


In addition to domestic cheeses, we carry a comprehensive range of imported cheeses from all major cheese producing regions, as well as a few up and coming areas.  Some of our more perishable cheeses are directly imported to ensure that our customers receive them in prime condition. You will find the cheeses in our product guide sorted by country for easy identification.

Our Cheesemonger

What's a cheesemonger?  Learn more about our resident cheese expert and be sure to ask him the story behind each cheese you are interested in.

Cut & Wrap

See this page for more details on our portion cut service.

Keeping it fresh

Our cheese selection varies with the prevailing season. We stock specific cheeses to pair with seasonal ingredients and wine varietals.  New cheeses are added every month, so be sure to check the new item listing found in the menu bar above.