Southern Foods


Cut & Wrap

Our selection

Much like our expertly cut to order meat and seafood, we offer a selection of high quality artisan and farmstead cheeses that can be ordered in small, manageable portions. We currently have around 50 cheeses that we cut to order in increments of approximately one pound. Our selection changes with the seasons so make sure to ask your Southern Foods representative for the most updated list.

Assortment Boxes

We also offer pre-selected cheese assortments, cut to order and shipped in a sturdy wooden cheese box.  Each box comes with five cheeses and approximately one pound each, providing an easy way to plan a cheese plate or an event. These selections can also be used as ingredients for when the very best quality is called for.

Cut & Wrap Cheese Guide

Ask for your copy today!  All of the cut cheeses in our Cut & Wrap Cheese Guide are listed in one of eight standard categories.  These categories represent flavor intensity, with fresh being the mildest and blue being the boldest. For cheese plates, try picking a cheese from a few different groups – perhaps including a softer cheese and an accoutrement or two. It is customary to serve one-ounce portions, cut and presented simply with minimal embellishment.

We Treat it Right

Our goal at the Southern Foods Cheese Shop is to treat cheese properly and make it available to you as soon as possible once it has been cut from a wheel. We believe the best way to enjoy cheese is when it is cut to order, ideally consumed within the same week, or at a maximum of two weeks. Every cheese we cut for you at Southern Foods is wrapped in professional grade, porous cheese paper that allows breathing room while maintaining optimal humidity. Now you are able to order just what you need, experiment more, and try new cheeses without compromising quality, tying up inventory or incurring waste.cheesepaper-diagram