Southern Foods


Local Products

Southern Foods prides itself on its selection of local and traditional farmstead cheeses.  Small batch, family-owned cheese makers provide an intense level of care and attention when crafting their cheeses. Because the milk and other ingredients used to produce these cheeses is also locally sourced, the end products perfectly compliment the flavors of other local ingredients.

One of the things that makes North Carolina so special for cheese is the diverse selection of varieties.  In fact, the whole of the Southeast is the most up and coming cheese producing region in the country.  Through our local partners below, you’ll find cheeses ranging from fresh and soft-ripened cheeses to hard and blue cheese varieties.

  • Ashe County Cheese
  • Goat Lady Dairy
  • Hillsborough Cheese Co.
  • Spinning Spider Creamery
  • Split Creek Farm
  • Cultured Cow Creamery
  • Chapel Hill Creamery

Be sure to visit with our local cheese partners during one of our food shows and show your support for local and regional products!