Southern Foods


Southern Foods is a proud sponsor of The Blind Pig Supper Club.blind pig

The Blind Pig Supper Club started in Spring of 2011 after gathering a team of talented, young local chefs and cooks together in the Asheville area. Food events and dinners are open to the public and can be accessed by purchasing tickets through our website under ‘Next Events’. We are a social event and experience of the arts that brings the wonderful and unique community of Asheville together. We are professional chefs and cooks from Asheville area restaurants as well as a host of artists, musicians, farmers, servers, bartenders and all in all, great down to Earth people with one common goal in mind. At a Blind Pig Supper Club event you will meet and network with people that you already have a lot in common with- those having a fondness for good food, art, music and a bit of adventure.

Blind Pig supports, both monetarily and subjectively, a host of local and very important charities. We are a fundraiser raising awareness of our charity through what we do. We believe in absolute creativity, and we allow our featured chefs, often times collaborating with each other, to create a one of a kind menu and experience. As a diner, you will find experimentation and creativity with new dishes, food items and ingredients. Furthermore, we believe food is meant to be respected. We believe that local flavor has all to do with a vegetable picked hours prior to your meal and never refrigerated. We want you connect with the chefs that prepared your meal, the farmer that grew it and all the people that it took to make your dining experience wondeful.

We would like to open your eyes (in a very adventurous way) to agriculture, respectful hunting, environmentally and species sustainable fishing and wild back yard foraging and the philosophy of ‘waste not- want not’ when it comes to our food.

For more information on the Blind Pig, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.