Southern Foods


Dry Aging

Our meat specialists are experts in custom dry aging beef, much like you may have had from your corner butcher years ago.  In large part this is due to our special dry age room where we control and monitor the optimum environment - set at 38 degrees, 75% humidity, and designed for ideal air flow circulation.  We age the beef in this environment for an average of 30 days, rotating the whole primals a quarter turn every 4-5 days to ensure even aging.

Dry aging allows the natural enzymes in the meat to break down tough connective tissue and some moisture evaporation to concentrate the flavor, which many describe as nuttier and more intensely beefier than traditional wet aged beef.

You can order your dry aged beef in custom cut steaks or whole primals (trimmed or untrimmed).  If you like, we will place whole primals in the cooler just for you, tagged with your name and custom aged to your specifications - just let us know what grade and what type of primal you need.  Our specialty is the Certified Angus Beef® brand dry aged beef!

Contact your sales representative to give this unique offering a try!