Southern Foods


Custom Cut Shop

Our Seafood department will happily hand-cut your order to your exact specification.  Whether you are looking to have a whole fish cleaned for you, or wanting product pre-cut into fillets or steaks according to your menu, our expert staff is at the ready.  Just like our fresh-cut steaks, there are no minimums and you can specify any custom weight or size. Our Seafood Shop is open five days a week so your order will be delivered the next day.  And don't forget about our hot smoke oven! We will custom season and smoke your salmon sides to order.



Our seafood cutters have an average of 10 years of experience.  They can cut product any way you like whether you want square cut, bias cut, or something altogether different. You order is always ice packed in one of our signature air sealed plastic containers so that it arrives in kitchen-ready condition.

Food Safety

We take safety seriously in our Seafood department.  We adhere to a strict HAACP plan and our facility is government inspected three times each year.  All of our coolers are temperature monitored, as are our trucks.  Every order is inspected and comes quality guaranteed. 


For the daily list of available seafood items, please contact your local Southern Foods account manager.