Southern Foods



Reel Fresh is Southern Food’s proprietary brand of superchilled seafood.  Now our customers have access to fresh-quality fish and seafood products that are caught far from the coast.  These premium products are flash-chilled right on the boat to lock in ocean freshness.  Once in stasis, the catch is kept at frozen temperature and monitored throughout the transit process to our warehouse.  Upon your order, the product is gently thawed and inspected so that it arrives to your kitchen ready to cook or serve.

Through this program we are able to offer seafood from exotic locations such as Chilean Seabass, Alaskan Cod, Hawaiian Pompano, Central American Grouper, Costa Rican Mahi, and Pacific Hamachi.  The Reel Fresh program further allows our customers a more consistent supply, stable pricing, premium quality, and consequently, more money to your bottom lie.  In addition to regular staples, keep a look out in our product guide for unique seasonal offerings offered by our Seafood Specialists.