Southern Foods


International Products

Just like fine wines originating from various French appellations, many of the world’s best food products come from distinct geographies and are made with ingredients and processes that have been passed down for centuries.  Southern Foods carries the finest specialty products from around the world, from Iberico de Bellota pork from Spain to Himalayan red rice and everything in between.  Below are some highlights of our offering.

We have a dedicated cooler that houses our inventory of fine Belgian chocolate.  Kept at ideal temperature to ensure the quality, appearance, and texture of our stock, our cooler houses a full range of milk and dark chocolate that is sure to satisfy any pastry chef’s needs.

We have a range of olive oils from all parts of the Mediterranean.  We understand that the climate and soil differences in each olive growing region produce oils with unique flavor profiles.  From the rich green oils found in Greece to the silky golden oils produced in Spain, Southern Foods has the products you need.

Southern Foods carries a variety of imported meat products including specialty breed pork and beef products.  You will find a great selection of Italian and Spanish cured hams and sausages, as well as pork and lamb cuts from Spain and Australia/New Zealand respectively.

If you don’t see what you need in our product guide, please contact your local Southern Foods representative.  Chances are, we can find it for you!