[VIDEO] Culinary Masterclass by Chef Craig Deihl

aws | March 14, 2017


Kitchen Economics: From Waste to Apps to Center Plate

By Craig Deihl

Reducing food waste is quickly becoming mainstream (in the top 20 food trends). Not just an environmental concern, it’s also an economic opportunity for restaurateurs seeking ways to cut costs. Today’s industry leaders are discovering how to utilize what used to be considered scraps in many kitchens. In this class, Chef Deihl demonstrates how to create new dishes from under-utilized cuts and trimmings that you may be throwing away. This is an abridged (10 min.) version of the full 1 hour class. 


craig-deihlCraig Deihl was a James Beard Nominee for Best CHef Southeast
in 2010 and 2011, and Semi-finalist in 2013 for his work at Cypress
in Charleston, SC. He has won critical acclaim for his in-house
charcuterie operation, producing over 90 different types of
charcuterie all prepared, stored and cured at Cypress.